My response to Doodletones video for lio

I'll be prefacing this with 3 points:

Ok from here on out it's DT lol

DoodltTones or DT opens by saying they're not super informed about all this stuff. I don't believe they're being malicious or purposefully obtuse so any critique or what have you I provide is meant to inform or challenge beliefs rather than to put DT on blast

This is just my own constructive criticism really. While DT states Neo's doc is bloated, and it is, DT your vids tend to be very bloated which has in the past made watching them especially challenging, if not impossible. Like the 9 hour video on that 1 thing. Idk anymore. Like when every call plays by like 10 minutes in I forgot what was even the point of playing the call and by 5 hours I just turned it off. Just my own criticism there, could use some practice on hitting broad strokes and focusing in. Also ngl the voice mod is genuinely painful to listen to. Like not trying to offend but everyone knows you're trans. Like I doubt anyone would flip if you just used your regular voice, Stalin does. Like just giving my 2c there because usually due to those I can't watch and trust me I'm a bitch who loves me some drama lol

That's aside I'll be writing a few of my thoughts on DT's video for Lio on Cas. I'll include timestamps and I'm going to be focusing more on critical areas I believe are important areas of disagreement. Just because I likely won't mention much of my agreements doesn't mean I don't. DT genuinely makes some good points although if I include both I'll be here forever and as it stands I believe I agree with most of what they stay more than disagree so I can keep it shorter this way.

So I kind of covered this in the comments to DTs video: at 8:52 they basically say Neo's doc wasn't posted and starts to go into that. I agree and that's a criticism I've had of her doc since the start. As stated in the comments, and a point of contention however, is that it's a nothing burger. It's in the middle. Neo and he were arguing. "Rocky" while it's not her name and not in her handle and isn't a name I've ever seen anyone casually call her means lio had to dig for that name, something he openly admits. Why would he be searching for alternate names? I think you would fail to have a good reason other than intimidation. It's a tactic I've used myself. Older YouTubers for example ppl often will change there name but not realize YouTube kept the original channel name as the url and sometimes that's been their real name. Lio had no idea what that name was, but he knew it wasn't one of the basic names neo goes by. While it's not a dox and I highly doubt lio did some mega 20d chess nonsense I also doubt the sharing of the name was innocent and harmless. While it's speculation it's based offf seeing no other valid reason to go further than using the name assessable to you without the extra steps.

13:00 or so you go into Zrcalo. I'll let Vlad defend himself on that. I will say on my part and I've stated this in the primary thread on this, they had the entire thread with all the junk going into what Zrcalo was accused of. Rather than going through that with a fine tooth comb they go into an hour of why it doesn't just sow regular costumes and how it wants badges and why it blocked lio.... Like at best it's negligence to not do due diligence and literally at worst... Well they thought the issue with it was sussy enough to store, upload, etc without saying a word for months.

Extra note here: I don't believe DT is heavily into Senate but fr I do find it interesting that everyone pro Lio still calls coyotes act a OP. Like Sappho is a SELF admitted zoo and pedo. The OP was to get Sappho to literally abuse their ",power" during a hypnotism session. Like this is like saying "yeah I know this Hitler guy is gassing Jews and no one cares to act but I'm going to go and become a Nazi and it's all so I can expose Hitler for not paying his gas bill! Then everyone will finally act!" Fr I don't like coyote but I don't think he's retarded and for me to assume he actively thought that was a good idea at any point I'd have to actively think he was brain damaged. It sounds more like he just made shit up as people caught him out with his hand in the cookie jar.

45:00ish TD goes into the claim by neo that Lio was fine with Vlad as shown by a tweet. True the tweet doesn't really prove that however I can prove it via a number of things. #1 the raid by Vlad happened a year prior. If he believed Vlad was some psycho sexual weirdo zoophile who went to discords will of kids to post porn then why stay silent about it for a whole ass year? #2 in a private call with Cas after the coyote drama and maybe a week or so before the cas video he literally says verbatim "Poo and adamantine and the others are obviously shitposters who will do whatever they can to get a reaction. They're not malicious" then week or so later he comes out with the cash expose video literally saying Vlad posts zoo porn and raids servers with kids knowingly to post porn. Btw Vlad has a child. Infact in the call Lio is extremely pleasant and understanding and talks about plans to share cases to work on together which makes the departure and flip insanely weird and one I've been wracking my brain to figure out why he pulled a 180° seemingly overnight.

53:00 funny enough Lio refers to the dolphin image as a "shock image" when in the above mentioned call with Cas Lio states he didn't know it was feral porn. So a week prior he realizes it's feral porn and in his video he walks back and soft peddles the imagine. Normally I wouldn't care however that's what he's attempting to nail Ceddy to the wall over. Also he states the previous thing showed gilded lied about the order of events; he didn't. Vlad proved that in his follow-up video. Also there was no zoophilia posted in the server, at least not imo. The imagine is in the thread. It's the pic of a guy who works at a chicken processing plant sticking his penis into the decapitated head of a chicken. Frankly I don't believe sticking ones penis into a cooked chicken/roast/hamburger is "zoophilia" and frankly there's a line between sticking ones gentiles into food and into an animal and I don't believe it reaches that line.

1h 1m will say you're so caught up on the zoo porn that you missed the Forest for the trees. He said Lio didn't bother to actually verify or do any investigating to see if the claim was even true. Frankly this. Lio has taken MANY to task for failing to do research and making baseless claims and yet he's doing it here. It shows a lack of giving a care and a double standard for himself. Frankly in that vein I find the addendum hilarious as ai doubt lio would be fine with that at all. I think he would be like "remove that darn video and re do it! We are not here to get clicks! Everytime someone watches the previous video they're going to not get the full story! Redo it!" Or there about. Lio's Cas video btw 90k views, the addendum 20k. 3/4ths of people walk away and never see the correction.

1:03:00 just covered that in the comments and above. Think it's quite hypocritical Benji or biju or whatever got a finger wag while Ceddy is nailed to the cross over following someone.

1:05:00 the issue with that is furski is wrong and this clouds the issue a little. For starters if you're looking for that art you'd have to go look for it, yes, but if you follow an artist you can apparently have a personal setting for NSFW turned on or off. Apparently it's off by default and unlike twitter it completely hides NSFW material so without it on you wouldn't even know. On that note it's not worthy to compare the two in general. Coyote was busted for sexting a pedo zoo, not for who they follow. The "coyote likes eating shit" was more of a dunk on him afterwards than the primary complaint. With ceddy that is the primary complaint. Also I find it funny as I didn't hear this call before your video DT but lio openly admits sometimes you follow someone without fully knowing what theyre into or up to when he literally accused Vash of being a shotacon because he followed someone on twitter who was. Lio can't show either of them interacting with the art which imho would actually be evidence. This ain't it chief.

1:14:00 basically "omg Cas was nice to Sappho for awhile." Yes they all are nice to pedos on streams sometimes. Idk how long you've been aware of lio and Cas and so forth Tzd but they've all had pedos on and played good cop to fuck with them, sometimes even gather evidence, you know like maybe fishing for info to identify a yet unknown at the time 14 year old Sappho was grooming? Might be worth trying to get that info. Find it hypocritical this only becomes an issue when Lio randomly decides to trash Cas. Also the comment Lio made that "he Sappho humanize himself to Cas's audience" is laughable. They're literally an audience built off the hate of pedos, it's laughable anyone would go "wow that Sappho made me randomly think not all animal/child rapist are bad!" Lmfao. No.

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